About Us

Bella Petrella’s Holdings, a Florida corporation, was formed to produce, manage and grow companies and products which are tomato based food products specifically formulated, cooked and blended to integrate in the pasta sauce and salsa retail grocery and institutional food markets. BPH’s products are all 100% all natural. During the cooking process, BPH removes most acidity that gives customers heartburn and acid reflux. To the Company’s knowledge BPH is the only company that takes this extra step providing customers with a relaxed, full flavored culinary experience without creating acid reflux as with most traditional tomato based products. Bella Petrellas Holdings is also a fully reporting public company trading under the symbol BTHR.

John V. Whitman Jr., became one of our directors, serving as chairman of the board, and our chief executive officer on December 7, 2010. From July 2007 to the present, Mr. Whitman has been a principal stockholder, functioned as a director and chief executive officer of JVW Entertainment, a privately owned company who is our controlling stockholder. JVW Entertainment owns and operates a Blockbuster franchise video rental store, and provides consulting services to development stage companies in the areas of business development and capital formation. JVW Entertainment often becomes a investor in the companies to which it provides consulting services, as it has with us. From February 2010 to the present, he has been a principal stockholder, a director and president of NBBF, Inc., a privately owned company who owns several residential rental properties and an interest in a strip shopping center. From 2006 to 2007, Mr. Whitman was the director and president of Day Spas of America, a publicly traded company who sold its operations in 2007. He was a director and president of Caribbean Cuisine, Inc., who operated a sandwich shop which it sold. From 1996 to July 2007, Mr. Whitman was the founder, a director and the chief operating officer of Stampede Worldwide, Inc., a publicly traded company, and its predecessor and subsidiaries engaged in publishing, commercial printing and related activities.

Joe Petrella Jr. Our Founder, is of the Tampa Bay area via Youngstown, Ohio. Growing up in the restaurant business he has become, I guess you could say, a little partial to food. He wants only the best for all those he feeds. It began 30 years ago as a hobby but now has been his profession for 28 years. He truly enjoys the reaction on people’s faces after they savor the flavor of his food, products and fruits of his labor. This is extremely rewarding for him. Mr. Petrella has held the title of Executive Chef for many prestigious companies including Famous Famiglia, Tuscabellas, Tomatina Restaurants, and Outback Steakhouse. Mr. Petrella has his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Youngstown State University and is a member of the Florida Chapter of American Culinary Federation USA. He also carries several licenses including the Hillsborough County Certified Instructor for Food Service including Food Handler’s License for Restaurants, Specialty Care, Medical Facilities and Hotels.

Joseph M. Petrella III, is our Vice President of Sales and Marketing. From 2008 to 2009, he held a sales and marketing position with Clear Channel Communications, a cable television operator in Tampa, Florida. From 2005 to 2008, Mr. Petrella III held a sales and marketing position with Bayside Lending, LLC, a licensed mortgage broker in Tampa, Florida. Mr. Petrella III attended Youngstown State University.

Kenneth L Shartz, is our Vice President of Sales. For more than the past five years before joining us, he was the executive vice president and general manager of H&R Block Mortgage Corp. Mr. Shartz attended Florida State University.