pastaPasta is one of the most iconic Italian foods. Two of the most well-known Italian dishes are spaghetti alla carbonara and alla Bolognese. Pasta is an easy to cook dish and it comes in different sizes and shapes and can be escorted by a number of sauces. Pasta is very rich in carbohydrates so it’s not advisable to eat it every day.

In preparing pasta, it involves the actual cooking of pasta as well as the sauce. Cooking of pasta involves boiling it but for the sauce it is a bit complicated. It is also necessary to note the cooking time for the pasta. Italians like their pasta a little hard and therefore cook it for the exact time indicated. And finally it should be noted that ketchup should not be used on the pasta.

Pasta is an easy meal to cook. First fill a pot with water and heat on a stove until it boils, then add salt. Wait approximately 30 seconds and put the pasta. Let it cook one minute less as you stir from time to time. Take 2 spoons of cooking water and add them to the pan where the sauce is heating. Strain the pasta, then pour it in the pan with sauce. Cook for a minute and then take it out and serve.

There are a variety of pasta meals as shown below;

Pasta Al Forno (oven baked), orecchiette with mini Chicken Meatballs, different lasagna dishes, baked penne with roasted vegetables, lemon-basil orzotto, ricotta and grana padano gnocchi, eggplant dishes, red sauce and spaghetti, to mention but a few.

Some of the common sauces are;



It involves simmering for approximately 2 hours. Its liquid gold in color and it’s the most delicious, rich and flavorful pasta sauce. Its ingredients are, tomato paste, water, tomato puree, minced cloves garlic, granulated salt, dried oregano, onion powder and garlic powder, chopped fresh basil, salt and pepper and ground beef.


It’s fast to prepare and is made with basic pantry ingredients. The trick to a bright red, lively tasting sauce is Marzano tomatoes, extra-virgin oil, peeled and slivered garlic cloves, fresh basil, kosher salt and crushed red pepper flakes.


At first taste, its sweet and then the spice you. It’s made of jalapeno (sliced), roma tomatoes, tomato sauce, garlic salt, onion powder, chili powder, seasoning, brown sugar, onion and chopped green chilies.

Others are sweet and mild salsa, princess sauce and spicy marinara sauce.