Our Products

Pasta Sauce

Pasta Sauce has all of the flavors of veal, pork and pasta_saucebeef from the finest paste bases. We also pass our whole California Italian plum tomatoes through a finisher, which removes all of the seeds and skin giving the sauce a smooth silk texture. Tomatoes are the number one ingredient in our sauces and we do not weigh down our sauces with a large array of spices, herbs, paste or puree.

Princess Sauce

Princess Sauce is the perfect blend of our Pasta Sauce and Ultra Pasteurized heavy cream and the perfect amount of imported Pecorino Romano cheese and full 100% natural flavor. Unlike others, Bella’s Princess Sauce is Alcohol Free and is not made with puree and dry milk power as are most pink vodka sauces.

Original Marinara

Original Marinara is made from whole fresh California princess_sauceItalian roma tomatoes, course-ground in-house; fresh chopped garlic from Gilroy, California; and fresh Hawaiian basil for the sweetest marinara. Fresh basil is placed in the cooking kettle as well as large basil leaves added to each jar as they are filled with hot marinara during the packing process.

Spicy Marinara

Spicy Marinara is a great marriage of fresh Hungarian Hot Peppers and fresh sweet imported Red Holland Peppers, with an elevated level of olive oil and our Original Marinara. Tossed with a seashell pasta, our Spicy Marinara has just the right level of heat without being overwhelming.

Sweet & Mild Salsa

Sweet & Mild Salsa and Sweet & Spicy Salsa are delicious, non-traditional, fresh-tasting salsa like no other you’ve tasted! Hinted with just the right amount of sweet or sweet and spice and 100% natural.